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Paul van Dyk – Escape Reality

On April 17 of 2020, Paul van Dyk will release his next long-form music project. It won’t however be the one you were expecting. An unprecedented move mirroring unprecedented times, Paul has placed the dancefloor-centric ‘Guiding Light’ album on ice until the day that clubbing starts to make sense again.

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Cosmic Gate release “Your Mind”

Having blazed their 2020 release trail with a rework of Armin van Buuren’s ‘Something Real’, Nic & Bossi’s killer new production ‘Your Mind’ reaches stores & streaming platforms today.

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Essence Of Trance – 25 Years of RAM

The very definition of consummate, the release musically plots the professional heights of lifetime devoted to a genre that - in itself - inspires dedication like few other. ‘Essence Of Trance - 25 Years of RAM’ is out now.

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25 Years of RAM

he first month of the new decade will see the European club hub of Amsterdam the setting for one unique night and one extra special event. Marking 25 years

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