Usually when you head over to “About” pages on brands & stuff, you will read some sort of an article describing the thing itself, but with TFL, we’re going to tell you shortly the story about how “Trance Family Lebanon” was born.

It all started after Above&Beyond released their #TATW400 video which me (Tony) filmed it for them, the video introduced me more to the Twitter part of the social media world & luckily i discovered the #TranceFamily concept. LOTS of Lebanese people connected with me ofc. I saw many Trance Family accounts, so i thought “Why we don’t have a TF in Lebanon?”.

Trance Family Lebanon was born on March 7th 2012, during the period of #ASOT550 celebration. Throughout the journey, i got joined by amazing people who are now the main team of TFL: Ralph, Wissam & Karen. We the 4 form the main team of TFL, alongside Ghaith as support for TFL, Karen as A&F Team Leb manager also and Elie R & Aly as TFL Recordings team.

When it all started, i never imagined we would ever reach what we reached today. Direct support from the world leading artists such as Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Dash Berlin, Aly & Fila, Ferry Corsten & much much more. A successful #ASOT600 campaign, support from the local promoters & a record label, this is really amazing!

We’re on a mission to unite all Trance listeners in Lebanon under one roof, help promote Trance events in Lebanon & Promote local DJs & Producers. We’re on a mission to help revive an old glorious Trance scene, although it’s a very hard job, but with your support we can do it all of us together.