‘Show Me Love’ gets the Sander van Doorn treatment!

Electronic dance music titans Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, and Sander van Doorn have dominated the landscape for years. Now, three of the biggest names in the industry return to the release radar with a highly-anticipated remix courtesy of Sander van Doorn. It directly follows his techno-centric hit ‘What You Want’ from earlier in the month, and marks the DJ/producer’s third original production of the year. Out now via Armada Music, Sander van Doorn’s remix of Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren’s ‘Show Me Love’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

2019 saw Trance’s finest joining forces to release a euphorically anthemic masterpiece, ‘Show Me Love’. London’s venerated triumvirate Above & Beyond and the established Leiden-based tastemaker Armin van Buuren provided fans and listeners alike with a groundbreaking original production at the beginning of last March, audibly rife with a palpably intense sonic flair, as well as a fervent passion for the genre from both Class acts.

Sander van Doorn transforms the original into a propelling, four-on-the-floor tour de force of sound. It immediately kicks off with a pulsating beat, which gets louder with each passing second. A raw tension is introduced into space and is quickly followed by a forcible bass drop, replete with high-octane sensibilities. The rhythmically entrancing, infectious rework picks up its pace, and features lively techno and house elements throughout its remainder, leaving the listener wanting even more from the esteemed powerhouse.

In all, the latest remix to come from the DJ/producer is a certified rinser that is primed for dancefloors the world over. Monumental in all aspects, the tune is sure to be yet another hit in Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, and Sander van Doorn’s back-catalogs.

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