“I’m working on a new album” – Interview with Ferry Corsten

On Saturday, October 12th, perhaps one of the most visual-intriguing music festivals in the world, Transmission, touched down in the city of Prague for a one-day phenomenon that trance music lovers will never forget. With lighting, decor and high-powered laser beams covering nearly every nook and cranny of the venue, it truly is a sight to see. The Transmission 2019 lineup included Ferry Corsten performing as System F, and we had the pleasure to interview the legend on that special occasion.

During the interview, we discussed several topics from new music, roots and much more. Initially, we had to ask Ferry about the importance of roots, traditions and respecting originals since System F is a classic name. Ferry clearly stated that System F was his hit beginning and the reason he was able to skyrocket in the Trance Scene.

“It is who you are”mentions Ferry. “It’s how I got my first real supporting fans. Those people fell in love with System F and I started a big journey after System F from House to Trance to Electro, some poppy stuff maybe. Just to bring that back after so many years is an oath to those people and an oath to the sound.

Ferry stated that System F was “inspired by the early forms of Trance and to many people, it was the beginning of what Trance is today”. It’s great that after all these years Ferry decided to revisit System F.

Usually, an artist faces lots of criticism when his sounds evolve which puts him in a situation where he has to balance between his goals as an artist and what his fanbase expect from him.

It’s a delicate balance. Lot of the fans wants to keep you where they discovered you, where they know you from. But as an artist, I want to stimulate myself, doing the same stuff over and over again is not going to stimulate you. You need to find the thing that excites you again, come up with new creations and more. It’s a fine line where you have to please your fans and where do I make something to grow with me. Sometimes you have to risk losing few to move forward.Ferry

Nevertheless, Ferry brought back one of his all-time loved and cherished projects and the most satisfying part from all this is to see the look on people’s faces when they hear a classic. “When they hear a classic or say they never heard this or whished they heard it live before – Yea! That’s the most satisfying part”.

It’s no secret that pleasing the fans is one of Ferry’s top goals in his career and he’s one of the most loved artists on the scene without any single doubt. Regarding new System F music and originals, Ferry explains the difference between Gouryella & System F and why he got no plans of producing System F intentionally at the moment. “System F is different from Gouryella. Gouryella has a deeper meaning to it and that’s where I am in my life, where I want to continue to do the storytelling stuff. System F is more party stuff, so I don’t know if it will be”.

Ferry’s keeping System F spontaneous and if it shows up and it fits the sound, he will definitely carry on doing it, however, no actual plans to produce new System F as stated before. But worry not, Ferry revealed that he started working on his upcoming album. However, he said it’s going to take some time.

I’m working on a new album, I just started thinking about how it will be. The beginning of what will be a new album.Ferry

We hope you did enjoy this small piece of the interview and we’ll leave you with his Transmission 2019 set. Cheers!

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