Huge announcement in 2020 – fans will say ‘It’s about time!’ – Interview with Ferry Corsten

On April 30th and after almost 6 years, Ferry Corsten made a return to one of his favourite cities, Beirut! Before his performance, we had the pleasure to do a quick interview with the legend but not a typical interview, it was a ‘fan-made’ interview.

During the Meet & Greet session, fans gathered around Ferry and many of them had some really interesting thoughts and questions, so we decided to do it as a ‘fan-made’ interview. Questions ranged from GouryellaNew World PunxSystem F, and much more.

Starting off with Gouryella, which had ‘Surga’ as its latest release, fans wanted to know if Ferry has a favourite from his works/aliases. Ferry clearly states that he loves all his works equally. 

I prefer everything. The normal stuff when It comes to Ferry could be more pop-y, more electro, more techy maybe. Gouryella has a defined type of sound that can only be Gouryella. Nice to switch it up.

One of the challenges an artist with different aliases face is being able to pick his production pattern and Ferry is no exclusion. He explains that in the past he tried to do tracks on purpose, but it didn’t seem to work and it was hard. Giving it a break is the best way. 

Letting it come is really a key. I could be working on a remix, I play a melody that could be a Gouryella, so I put it on the side and carry on the remix. I know when I track should be the next gouryella. It’s exactly what I want.

Moving on to System F, Ferry explained the process of reviving this project and how challenging it was to reproduce the tracks using today’s technology to give the track more punchy sounds. Ferry brought all his old equipment back, we bet it was nostalgic! And speaking about why he brought System F back;

“Out of the Blue” was 20 years old and it was the big moment .. my breakthrough .. I wanted to do something of it but never thought of doing a full show but the guys at EDC said you did Gouryella first with us, you should do System F with us. So I had to go back to the studio and re-produce all the tracks to make them sound punchy and that was basically the reason, “Out of the Blue” 20years and now there’s a couple show coming this year.

Unexpectedly, Ferry mentioned big plans in 2020 without revealing what it is, however, he hinted saying;

Huge announcement in 2020 – fans will say ‘It’s about time!’

It doesn’t seem to be an album as Ferry revealed that there is no news about it, however, he would really love to repeat the ‘Blueprint‘ experience.

I kind of want to do it again. It’s such a challenge to make it that way. We wrote the story from scratch just for the album. The story becomes like a movie in your head and like that you get a soundscape. For the album I had a cool storyline and the music complements it. But to be honest, it was a headache to do it. When the narrator comes back, Lucas & Vee are talking in the basement, you can hear the ticking and pipe sounds in the background. I wanted to make it like a movie without the moving picture.

Finally, New World Punx had its share of the questions and the biggest was: What happened to New World Punx?

Markus and I put it on hold for a while. I started working on Gouryella, ‘From The Heaven’ and touring and Markus started his ‘Watch The World’ album. When I finished that, I started working on ‘Blueprint’ and he started to work on ‘Dakota’. We started focusing more on our careers again and in the meantime our sounds drifted apart a little. It’s not shutdown and we were recently talking how we can bring it again. It’s just on hold and thinking when is the best time to bring it again. NWP was never really a project that we set out to do forever, it was a thing for a couple of years, it’s still ongoing anyway just in a break.

And that’s a wrap gentlemen, we really had a good time chatting with Ferry. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon! 

Picture credits: Hybreedminute

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