“We need to get the music forward” – Interview with Cosmic Gate

After almost 7 years, Cosmic Gate returned to Beirut city to grace us with their iconic Trance sound. The night was the highlight of the year for us and definitely set the standards for upcoming events. We had the chance to talk with the boys before the show and discussed their 2019 plans and more.

2019 marks the 20th years of Cosmic Gate and the boys are preparing a lot. 2019 will be a super busy year for them.

A lot is happening, something in every pocket .. We’re going to do a new album. New music, old music remixed, looking back to the past and looking to the future, bringing all together and doing a tour to support the album. – Bossi

The thing is in 20 years, we had so many music and we wanted to celebrate. As Cosmic Gate, we always feel we need to bring the music forward and never backwards, always do something new and evolve. We have new interpretations of classics, remixes of old tracks from new artists and new music of course. – Nic

At first, the idea of the album sounded like their previous “Back 2 The Future”  album but apparently, it isn’t. the boys explained that B2TF was only remixes by other artists, however, their upcoming album, fewer tracks were picked. the most important tracks were selected, doing remixes for their own tracks and remixes from other artist but definitely not a B2TF.

It has new music, hence the title “Forward ever, backward never” – always looking ahead. We want to celebrate 20 years looking forward and it’s not easy. If you check the artwork, you see a road ahead.. It’s a long street, we came a long way and still see a long road in front but 20 years is a landmark so we felt we needed to celebrate it with the fans. 

The boy will support the album with a tour in 2019 around the world. Playing extended sets alongside some of their favourite artists and singers who joined their path from 20 years onwards. A follow up to “Be Your Sound” with Emma Hewitt could see the light as the boys mentioned they are working on a follow-up, however, it’s not confirmed as they can only confirm a song when it’s ready.

The boys are huge fans of extended sets and while talking about the set duration, they clearly explained their love and passion for longer set times and we were extremely fortunate to have witnessed an extension of the boys’ set in Beirut! MASSIVE!

The longer the set, at least for us, the more we can prepare the people. With 20 years of music, in 1 hour, how can you pick what tracks to play? It’s hard to pick. It only leaves a few tracks to play. The trick would be to cut the tracks but we don’t want that, we want to play the original, we don’t want to cut the vibe. A good story needs a good time to be prepared and told. If you shorten the set, the vibe will be lost.

2018 was undeniably a great year for Cosmic Gate featuring many gigs and shows. One of their 2018 highlights was Tomorrowland and the Gabriel & Dresden remix, which turned into a really big hit. Not only they were able to fulfil their busy schedule of touring, but the boys were also able to sit in the studio and produce new music. Some of that music was released on Anjunabeats and they revealed that new music will also be coming on Anjunabeats as they feel it’s the closest to their sound nowadays. Bossi also revealed that they might premiere one of their new tracks during their set at ASOT900 – Utrecht since the party is super special, uniting over 30.000 fans under one roof, so it’s the perfect moment.

Talking about the secret of maintaining a strong bond as a duo, Cosmic Gate talked about ‘Chemistry’.

We’re kinda funny and joking about it. Other starts as friends, but we started barely knowing each other. Different personalities, we bring different things to the table. Give us 10 tracks to choose from and have 2 to play, we’d always pick the same. We really like the same tracks, same vibe. Also, ego-wise, when one guy doesn’t like something, we don’t do it. If one of us don’t feel it then it doesn’t make sense. Easy decision at the end. 

And finally, a small message for #TranceFamilyLeb;

We definitely had the most cutest and smart airport welcome ever. We were so tired after a long journey and another hour in customs but you guys succeeded in putting a smile on our face and we really look forward to the set. It’s so good to be back after such a long time. It’s crazy. 


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