“I’m satisfied and I can release that” – Interview with Alexander Popov

Exactly the same time last year, Alexander Popov announced the release of a new album during ADE 2017 and here we are now, ADE 2018, the time when Alexander releases his new album ‘Intention’ after a wait of 5 years from his previous artist album.

The process of producing this album wasn’t a tough one for a genius like Alexander Popov. If you follow his music, you should know that he is musically educated and got all the talent he needs to score a hit.

Talking about the album making,

Last year on ADE, we had a conversation with Armada on what to do next and I had an idea to release the second artist album because I had some ideas and demos and I wanted to make it as a product. It took one year for me, I produced 10 brand new tracks, made new versions of old tracks and now finally, it will be out on the 26th on Armada Music.

Alexander mentioned that he’s extremely happy and satisfied with the end result of the album saying that it’s a good time for him to show the next steps of his production and his vision of Trance. And just like any other artist, Popov did face a few obstacles in the process of producing his masterpiece.

Every time I checked the album, I found that there aren’t enough finished songs for me. I tried to change the number of tracks but after that, I decided to do one more track that will be exact Popov sound with my own musical roots, and after I’ve done the track ‘Legacy’, I felt finally I’ve done that, I’m satisfied and I can release that.

Well, what can we say? The more Popov music, the better, right?
In general, track titles signal human interactions and this is exactly what Popov wanted to deliver as a message through his album, Intention. Intention is the thing people do to get things moving in life and that’s what was his idea from the album.

Everything happening in people’s lives is happening through intention. That’s kind of human force, I believe in this thing and that’s the idea I wanted to put in the album.

One of the album tracks is ‘Popcorn’, Popov’s collaboration with Armin van Buuren. And the track title is a bit of a mystery since Armin came up with the track title but in Popov’s opinion, it’s the best track title for the track.

After I sent the demo with this melody, he said: “wow, yes – that’s the thing I want to do”. At first, it was ‘Collab Test’ and after I received the first version of the track, it was already named Popcorn. I think it’s the best name and it’s an honour to work with a big name like Armin. It’s good to have such a collaboration on your album with such a big name.

Popov’s Interplay label is packing lots of exciting stuff in 2019 with more focus on melodic and quality tracks and his own words, he believes that Trance now is in a good place. Much less influence from EDM, more purity in the sound and a lot of artists coming back to their roots.

Well, Popov, we can’t agree more and can’t wait to get our hands on your latest album.

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