“I’m bringing my energy to my fans” – Interview with David Gravell

Without any doubt, Danny better known as David Gravell, is one of the most talented producers in the scene. With lots of new exciting stuff lined up, we discussed with David several topics from his personal life to his upcoming releases and rebranding.

If we had to characterize David with 3 qualities, it would be Sweet, Workaholic and Energetic. David is one of the most unique and genuine people in the scene. He mentioned that he’s always himself. In a world where everyone else are trying to be different, just be yourself. As for work, oh boy, David is a real workaholic.

I work a lot. I started this as a hobby with music and my hobby turned into work and it’s nice to work if you do what you love. I work all the time, I do music on the plane, on the train, everywhere.

If you attended any of David’s events, you can clearly see how energetic on stage he is or even from his own productions, full of energy! Even his new logo and rebranding is based on Energy. Cool, right?

I have a lot of energy, it’s because I live very healthy and I’m bringing my energy to my fans and they love it. Every time I’m on stage, we recharge. Also, that’s the new branding I’m working on, it’s about the energy, finding your own space and finding your own energy and trying to bring that to my shows.

Every now and then, it is essential for an artist to maintain a fresh image. David is changing logos and working on a new set of graphics and visuals. David emphasis on the fact that the brand is something you see yourself every day. If you have a job, you do it every day, that’s why sometimes it is good to do something new and refreshing.

As an artist, it’s always a mission to discover yourself and how you see yourself. I’ve been writing notes for the last couple of years and we are working with a very nice team of people. Tomorrowland was the first time you see my new visuals and it’s actually my face and it means the energy we were talking about, it’s my vision and it’s a projected image of my vision and it’s important to always evolve.

David recently released a timeless classic, Café del Mar, and usually, when an artist wants to remix a classic, he’s put under a lot of pressure to ensure he delivers top quality and please the fans. David NAILED IT!! He did the remix exclusively for Tomorrowland and have something unique in his set, he mentioned. But what he didn’t realize was the fact everyone was requesting the remix, so it will be available as free download.

This track is very old, that’s why we can give it away for free while with others we might not be able to do that. And I think that remix is needed now and that’s how I produce every day, it needs to be unique fresh, nice. I’m very happy with that cause sometimes I just make it without thinking.

David is also working on an upcoming EP which he revealed some hints about:

I’ve been working on it for a long time, and since I was travelling a lot this year, it’s been really hard to finish the music I’ve been working on. But it will contain a lot of new music, very unique. It’s like a story I want to tell, my vision of how I see things, I’m bringing that back in the music. There will also be tracks with other artists as well also, and we going to spread it out. We will announce it very soon and spread it out.

Finally, David believes the scene is growing as never before especially with all the latest technologies, young people joining the club as well as the extensive list of online references from music to tutorials and more. Danny, good luck with your upcoming projects, you deserve it!

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