Markus Schulz: “Ferry Corsten & I, will do Transmission 2018 anthem”

Markus Schulz, aka. The Unicorn Slayer, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic artists in the worldwide Trance Scene and every time we attend any of his events, we end up with a huge smile and happy memories. As summer approaches, we had the chance to chat with Markus in Dubai to talk about his upcoming projects and more.

Starting off, in our previous interview in Prague, Markus mentioned a new upcoming album and this time we were able to find out what’s it’s called. Markus stated that “It’s going to be called ‘We Are The Light’ and I already got a few songs that are out with Emma Hewitt, JES and more. There’s a couple of surprises in there as well so it’s going to be a big one”. The difference between Markus Schulz music and his Dakota’s project is that Dakota is more of what’s going on inside Markus while his regular music is more people oriented. “It’s called ‘We Are The Light’ because it’s about the Trance Family and with everything going on in the world, we are the light, we need to shine on to the world and make it a better place”.

Talking about his latest In Bloom EP, Markus mentioned that he got plans to release this EP every year after the huge success his GDJB In Bloom show got, which was all vocal Trance. Markus also mentioned that he is planning on releasing “Afterdark EP” soon following his successful Afterdark sets. One of the best characteristics about ‘Coldharbour Recordings’ is the amazing roster of talents. “I’m always trying to find new artists and develop them. Every artist in Coldharbour has to be patient and willing to work. When I hear a demo, I think about what it could be. In my opinion, a demo is a demo and not the finished product, so I work with the artist to get it ready for the market”.

After his Dakota performance at Transmission last year, Markus is back this year to perform under his original name and the reason is simple since Markus was doing a special edition last year featuring Dakota. This year Markus got an album so there will be lots of new stuff and remixes that he will be playing at Transmission. But what Markus revealed to us was something we never expected. “I can tell you here, Ferry Corsten & I are going to do Transmission Theme this year together”. Here you have it .. Boom! “We haven’t got the chance to properly sit down in the studio as we like, but we’ve always helped each other and hang out.  I don’t know if it’s going to be New World Punx or Ferry & Markus, we’ll figure it out, but we’ll be working in the studio together soon”.

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