“Trance unifies, it’s a unifying style” – Interview with Sander van Doorn

It was back in 2011 when Sander van Doorn released his last “Purple Haze” track which was ‘Timezone’ featuring Frederick. Ever since, there was no sign of a Purple Haze return nor Sander, who went on experimenting new sounds and suddenly, in 2017, news about a Purple Haze return surfaced the internet, leaving Trance enthusiasts eagerly waiting for some Sander music.

We asked Sander how did it come to his mind and he clearly said “It started 1.5 years ago.. I produced a track that had a Purple Haze feeling to it, and it was a sound I produced 10 years ago but kind of in a new bracket, kinda felt bringing it back to something new. It felt important exploring some more, so I started producing more and more tracks, experimenting more .. All these tracks came out and I decided I have to do something with it, because always was a big dream of mine to create a set on stage filled with my own tracks and also being storytelling with the whole audio and visual at the same time, so I started working with a nice guy who does lighting, who create perfect videos, you know the VJ things, and combined it with my music to create a journey. Purple Haze is reborn”.

Not long ago, Sander released his Purple Haze album titled “SPECTRVM” and it was genuinely one of the best offerings of 2017. Sander explained how happy he is to have brought Purple Haze back, saying “It feels really good! I’ve been doing lots of shows throughout the years and I felt that sometimes the soul is missing from the music. I really felt I didn’t want to go in that certain stream and reintroduce the feeling behind producing a track. For me, Purple Haze does that!”.

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After his return, Sander toured the world with his Purple Haze show. Initially planning 5 shows, it turned out to be 13 due to the increased popularity of Purple Haze. “I’m really holding back as each show should be a special show”. Playing at Transmission could possibly be the highlight of 2017 for Purple Haze, and Sander couldn’t be happier playing this show. “It feels like coming back, Transmission has become an important portal for Trance fans in the world, people flew all over the world for this party. Trance unifies, it’s a unifying style, that’s why it feels like at home playing at Transmission. The warmth you get from the crowd, it’s pretty amazing!”.

About Sander’s opinion of the Trance Scene’s situation, he mentioned the fact that he rediscovered a healthy scene after his return. “I was looking for more new challenges and right now coming back to the scene, I actually rediscovered a healthy scene, lots of good producers doing lots of different genres. It’s great to see how much the scene is re-growing again, and it’s growing the right way, not going commercially. That’s why I feel at home in this genre, I always felt like home actually. Definitely feels good coming back”.

Finally, to quote Sander’s words “2018 is definitely going to be Purple Haze-y!”. He explained that 2018 is holding lots of shows and big plans. He even produced 3 new tracks after ‘SPECTRVUM’ especially for Transmission. How cool is that? Sander, you know how to spice things up and we definitely can’t wait for 2018.

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