Richard Durand talks about his new style, Reloaded Music and more!

We start October with a special web article featuring a Q&A with the one and only Richard Durand, in which we talked about his new music style, his new label and some other cool stuff too!

1) “Harder, faster, bigger, bolder, darker” – Can you tell us more about this move and what pushed you towards it?
“The reason why i choose to change my music style is that I had the feeling that I made all kinds of trance lately. For me that was not that interesting any more. So i locked myself in the studio for 6 months to come up with a kind of trance that suits me more at this moment and give my own twist at it. The result is a style that is much harder and higher in the BPM (138) So I have now chosen for a clear direction and will herein produce but also going to adjust my DJ sets”

2) Can you tell us about your new Reloaded label and your first release on it?
“I’m very proud with my new label Reloaded Music. Because the whole music change i felt that it was necessary to change  the label also. At first i will release only my own new single on there but later on i hope also to have great releases from other producers and DJ’s”


3) Can you tell us about the future of ISOS? 
“ I can not say very much about the new ISOS compilation at this moment but what I can say is that there will be a brand new reloaded compilation next year spring in my whole new style and sound”

4) Where do you see Trance heading in 2016?
” I find it very difficult to predict the whole trance scene. I can only say that the trance direction that i choose for myself works out for a lot of people. I’m overwhelmed about all the positive reactions”


5) Last message for Trance Family Lebanon and your local fans.
“The last time i was in Lebanon it was one of the highlights of that year so i hope to be back very soon so i can let people enjoy my all new sound !”

We’re going to leave you now to enjoy his latest release, FACE OF CHAOS!

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