The Power of Music with Jano

Janette Bishara, aka Jano, who’s a Trance Vocalist & Lyricist, was born in Sydney Australia from Lebanese parents. Having spent her life in Australia, she currently lives in Melbourne and married to one of the scene’s most talented producers, MaRLo, who’s much known for his track “BOOM” which was called the ASOT600 Unofficial Anthem by lots of people.


Jano’s collaborations with MaRLo (The Island – 2011) and Andrew Rayel (How do I know – 2012) brought her to the forefront of the Trance Scene. Jano started the movement of “Give Trance a Chance” a year ago that got a huge worldwide support and nowadays we see lots of people at festivals and events around the globe with shirts and signs saying Give Trance a Chance. The whole idea of the movement is to keep supporting Trance and bring it to the front of the Electronic Scene.

Jano 3

Jano works at SFX Totem OneLove in Australia. Her job is to bring the biggest tours in the world to Australia and booking part of Stereosonic’s lineup, the leading Dance Music festival in Australia. In the past year, she worked on Armin Only, Above&Beyond, Dash Berlin and more events as well as countless Trance tours and currently working on ASOT700 Festival Weekend in Asutralia.

Jano currently doesn’t have many songs out as much as her fans would like BUT she is working on a few things and will have something new in 2015, so you better keep an eye on her for new material.


Even though Jano is not currently living here or not born here, she carries the love for her mother country in her heart and here’s what she had to say to all of you guys of #TranceFamilyLeb: “I just want to thank everyone for their support for me & MaRLo, especially when we came to Beirut for ASOT600. It was so special for me to see MaRLo’s name on Billboards around the city, TV and Radio ads as far as in my mother’s Village, Rmeich. I also got the opportunity to take him the village to meet my family which I didn’t think would ever happen! It’s an experience we both will never forget.”

We are proud of you Jano, we are proud of what you’re doing to the whole Trance Scene and we wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Keep on going and you have our full support, you & MaRLo. #TranceFamilyLeb, this is The Power of Music with Jano!

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