Harmonizing the Past with the Present with C-Rouge

Born in Beirut with Armenian Origins to an artistic family of composers and performers, Serouj Baghdassarian aka. C-Rouge, have grown up by training his ears to the musical world of his family which developed in him the passion of becoming an artist, DJ and a music composer.

C-rouge’s music is not merely a collection of songs rather it is an attempt to drift away the listeners from reality and take them onto a journey of passion and agony, by transcending the barriers of language and by skillfully mixing the melody electronic sound with the traditional Armenian music acts to bring memories of a home that once was.

C-Rouge was a fan of Electronic Music since the early days of “Beat Machine” concerts in Beirut followed by the very famous “Bacardi Nights” at that time, but mainly it all started with the European Trance Sounds from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Alphazone, Armin van Buuren and finally in 2004, Tiesto’s Live in Concert album which had the biggest influence in C-Rouge and pushed him further to start his own musical album.

Currently C-Rouge is planning on starting his own Live Band to finally reach where he want to be and have his debut Live concert within the next year. Also lately, he have been collaborating with the Jordanian pianist, Zade Dirani. C-Rouge released 3 albums, genoTrancide (07’) – Eternity (09’) – Guardian Angel (13’), and is now working on his 4th album. How awesome is that?


Whoever said you can’t blend the past with the present should definitely check C-Rouge, a young yet huge talent from Lebanon.

And to celebrate, C-Rouge is giving away one of his tracks for FREE!
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