What happens in Vegas .. Goes to Beirut.

Been a while we didn’t see Cosmic Gate in Beirut. The last time they performed here was “Wake Your Mind” tour with Emma Hewitt but fortunately, we were able to catch them in Las Vegas part of their “Start To Feel” tour & here’s what we talked about. 

1-      First of all, thank you guys for this amazing opportunity, it’s really a pleasure to interview you guys. First let’s talk a bit about your new album, “Start To Feel”. Where the Title came from, and how much time it took you guys to do such a beautiful album.
Well first thanks for flying all the way here. Thank you very much that you liked it & called it ‘Beautiful’. Well it took nearly nearly a year will all the travel that we do, and well “Start to Feel” is obviously a melodic touching album music that gets close to you, not the usual EDM, when the song title came out we said this title is perfect. When we wanted to make people to listen to our Music & “Start to Feel”, we wanted them to go deeper & more closely & really enjoy the music and “Start to Feel” is not just to jump or party to it, it’s also to listen to it.

2-      What we noticed from the new album is that it got so many new elements, special elements but the signature of Cosmic Gate remains. 
Yes exactly, all these years that’s what we were saying. Our sound of course changed fortunately but we always feel it still has that signature sound in it no matter what. If we do a track back then, it was 138bpm now it’s 128 or 130, even if it have different influences, it will always have that signature sound.


3-      Should we expect some “Back 2 the Future” remixes soon?
Not too soon but yea, it’s gonna come for sure. You know when you move ahead and when you look back, suddenly few years are gone & now there’s a bunch of music that we could give like a new treatment. We thought about it. It’s something we’re going to definitely do but not this year or at least not before summer next year.

4-      Should we start expecting some “Start To Feel” remixes?
Yea, we are working on that right now. First of all, we will release for sure 2 more tracks from the album, so we are preparing remixes & new versions for them, and of course we will a remix album or at least have some remixes for the album.


5-      A lot of people have been asking, how did you guys meet? How did it all start?
That’s so long ago, we don’t even remember hahaha! When it all started we were like 40-50km away from each other so we were like both working with other people like in the early mid 90’s and we started releasing on the same record company then by chance we were ending up in the studio together, the other guys left & we were there chatting and having a fun jam session and yeah, 3 hours later we had this track that some months later was introduced to as that new project that we had no clue that’s going to change our lives, we called it “Cosmic Gate” and the track was called “The Drums”. But that day, it was just another project. We were actually 4 people in the studio, they left and we were close to leave too but we sat & talked about music & said let’s do a track & now we’re here. It was life changing. There was no plan or anything, it was a total chance thing, it was Karma. Maybe it was meant to be. It sounds beautiful haha!


6-      Where do you see Trance today and where do you see the scene going on the future?
If we knew what’s happening in the future we’d be more than happy but you know maybe EDM is going big on the other side, Deep House, Techno & also Trance with the “Back to 138”, so the sub genres are getting bigger & people are appreciating that. So Trance will always be around, we think it’s the most emotional, most touching kind of music, you have to get a little deeper in it that’s why for the majority they don’t feel it but it will always be there, how it’s going to sound we really do not know but we know it has to change, it has to progress & we want to be on top of the people who push Trance to the next limits.

7-      Any last message to Trance Family Lebanon?
First of all we have not been there for a long time, we hope to be back soon & play for you guys and yea! Thank you for the support always. Make it happen haha! Thank you!


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