Chris Bekker: “Trance will always be around”

On July 28th 2014, Beirut had the honor to host the very first “Vandit Night” in the Middle East and we had the honor to have a quick interview with Chris Bekker. Here’s what he had to say.

1-      Welcome to Beirut Chris, first time here, what’s your first impression about the city?
Yeah, first impression: I was really impressed when landing, because I expected it to be much smaller to be honest haha, I was like “OMG this is huge”, I looked it up in Wikipedia. You have a lot of big houses and everything is green here.

2-      What have you heard previously about Beirut?
Of course we have the tensions at the moment from the surrounding countries, this has always been an issue, a never ending story but hopefully someday ending story. I’ve never been here, I’ve got lots of friends who come here regularly, lots of friends of mine coming from Dubai to see me here, I’m very very pleased with it.


3-      What’s your current opinion of the Trance Scene & what the future hides?
Well, there has been a little bit of down, I’d say 5-6 years ago, at the moment I’d say, it’s never been so pressing, for me personally I come originally from the Trance part. So I’m very happy with it.

4-      Who’s your favorite artist?
I’ve been dancing to Paul parties when I was a kid, like 5 years ago.. hahaha, well no just a little bit more haha. But it was at a time I haven’t been thinking of doing music myself or DJing, I was still working, Paul was always my idol and changed into kinda idol legend to me because swapping with the time and coping with the tastes. There’s some others who I like a lot in Trance Scene like Ashley Wallbridge and in the progressive part. When I started DJing the sound of progressive was the sound that I liked, if you now listen to the so called “Beatport top charts” in progressive, it’s really.. mmmm how could I say? Today I don’t even check the progressive charts anymore because as I call EDM or festival music, but EDM has already became a bad word. They should do an extra genre between progressive & techno for example.

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5-      If you could swap places with another DJ, who would it be?
You know what? I’m so happy with myself. It got 2 point, 1 thing it’s music wise & the other career wise and what you’ve reached in life. When I look into the mirror, I’m really proud of what happened so far and what I’ve done in the last days, I just released my new track today on Vandit. I’m really happy it’s going so well, the Vandit family is really a Vandit family.

6-      Any last message for Trance Family Lebanon?
I love your work, keep it up the way you do it and Trance will always be around.


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