Bobina: “Back in the days Trance Scene was better”.

On August 2nd 2014, we had the chance to interview Russia’s #1 DJ Bobina about the Trance Scene & many other stuff and here’s what he said.

1-      First of all welcome to Lebanon. What was your first impression about the country?
Thank you! The first impression is that it’s much better than what I’ve expected, I have to say, when I arrived because I expected too much problems at the entrance in the airport and actually there was no problems. I was impressed, it was easy to enter Lebanon.

2-      Any new Album in the making?
No, I don’t think so, because I already released 4 albums and I think nowadays I’m basically concentrated on releasing singles, because it’s the same work but when you do an album, you do like 13-14 tracks which is a year & a half of work, when you do singles like once every 5-6 weeks, you just make a track a release it, so it’s the same work but it doesn’t make people wait for such a long time.


3-      What’s your opinion about the current Trance Scene & the future of Trance?
It’s really complicated, I mean, it’s really strange you know, back in the days Trance Scene was better in my opinion because of the music. Back in the days if you listen to some old Ferry Corsten Album or Above & Beyond, it was really different music and it was all called Trance, so that was cool, nowadays the people like “Trance Family” let’s say, they call Trance only uplifting, which is not really my thing, because I think that uplifting trance, with all the respect to the DJs who play it, it all sounds the same to me, I mean it’s almost the same kick, the same drums, claps, basslines, the only thing which is different is the melody. And back in the days like 10 years ago it was different, Armin van Buuren was really different from Ferry Corsten, Ferry Corsten was different than Tiesto, and it’s all was called Trance, nowadays, Aly & Fila and all kinds of stuff all sound the same to me, with all my respect, Trance scene back in the days was better. Lots of people call Progressive House or any track which got melody Trance, in my opinion that’s not Trance, but it’s still more fresh than Uplifting and I really hope the Trance producers in future will start to make more different sounds in Trance, after that it will probably become more interesting to me.

4-      Who do you think will win the DJ Mag Top100 this year?
I have no idea. I should say that the most popular DJ this year is probably Martin Garrix. He had the biggest impact this year, he plays almost every huge festival and I think if you look to his social media, he’s huge and I think the only chance which other DJs have at the moment, is that Martin Garrix for some reason don’t post anything about DJ Mag, as soon as he gets 1 post, he will get the #1 spot for sure and he’s really not doing it which is quite respect to him, I have to say probably it could be Hardwell again, I dunno. I just look at this as Marketing, and I think Hardwell is doing a good job. This is for me, if Martin Garrix would be #1, I have to say, I won’t be happy, but I have to say it’s gonna be cool thing, because for me I like lots of stuff which he produced first of all, the second thing to me he’s “True”, some DJ got big because of marketing and the DJs who got big because of a hit are “True”. The True DJs who got big are for sure Avicii because he has a hit, even if it’s pop music, I respect first of all the DJs who has international hit, Avicii has one so does Martin Garrix, I mean, you can hate Animals but there is no doubt Animals is a huge track that still plays, when I was in LA everywhere you walk you hear Animals. I still didn’t vote this year, but I’ll probably include him in my list, because of respect, he really deserve it this year, he’s really huge.


5-        Any last message for Trance Family Lebanon?
I hope you guys enjoy Trance nowadays, and I really hope that Trance fans will open eyes a little bit wider and I also wish you a great summer and enjoy your favorite music in your favorite places.

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