Interview with a Legendary Voice, Audrey Gallagher.

Trance Family Lebanon is proud to present the very first interview with a Vocalist & not just any Vocalist, we had the honor to interview the Legendary Artist & superstar “Audrey Gallagher”. We’ve talked about her recent work, her future plans & some exciting other stuff, read what she said here.

1-      First of all, can you tell us a bit about your return & your collaboration with Flynn & Denton?
I suppose it does feel like I’ve been away for a while 🙂 For me, because I’m always working on things, it doesn’t feel that way. I’ve been concentrating on my album & I really wasn’t sure about taking on any collaborations as I didn’t want them to become a distraction. That changed when John O’Callaghan sent me what became “Say My Name”. I had no idea who Flynn & Denton were, I just fell in love with the track instantly. It felt like a kind of homecoming for me & we’re all very proud of it especially as it was a full Irish production.

2-      What do you have coming up next?
I have a new track “Skin Deep”, a collaboration with Solis & Sean Truby, coming out on Infrasonic on Sept 8th which I’m very excited about. Again they were great lads to work with. Other collabs are in the pipeline but I can’t say too much about them as we’re still writing them, but they’re sounding great. I’m also still working on my album but the collaborations have taken a lot of time away from it so I really want to get stuck back in. There’s lots of new music coming 🙂

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3-      Been 4 years you didn’t come to Beirut, any plans on coming back soon?
I can’t believe it’s been that long, where does the time go? I’d really love to come back to Beirut, my time there was much too short. Unfortunately it’s not down to me so hassle your promoters 😉

4-      Your biggest hit is probably “Big Sky”, any future plans with JOC?
It became such a massive track & I’m really grateful for it as it opened so many doors for me. As for working with JOC, never say never. We don’t have any plans right now but who knows. I’d always be up for working with John.


5-      With recurring pairings between vocalists and DJs being a rarity, do you feel that vocalists, in general, in electronic music, get too little credit; that they have to forge on largely independent of musicians, producers and DJs? Do you think that the fans can help?
Vocalists absolutely don’t get enough credit but not from fans, mainly from within the industry. It’s changing slowly thankfully but we have to stand up for ourselves in order for that to happen. It’s great to see organizations such as the VSA ( gain exposure. It’s a brilliant advice led organization for Vocalists & a place to gather important information & share experiences, good & bad.
Most of the Vocalists you hear today are already forging on with their own careers as Singer/Songwriters, Band members, Producers &/or DJs. Fans can help buy buying or music & looking at what we do outside Trance. You can also pester your Promoters to bring us for live shows.

6-      If you can spend the rest of your life with 1 belonging what would it be?
Tricky question but I think it would have to be my phone. I think we pretty much live on our phones 😉 Or my bike 🙂


7-      Who do you think will win DJ Mag this year? Will Trance get back to the top?
I have no idea, I don’t follow it & I don’t vote. I’m not a fan of polls in general. Taste is a very personal & subjective thing.

8-      Any last message to Trance Family Lebanon?
Thank you all for the continued support, it really is appreciated & I hope to see you all again soon 🙂

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