Ferry Corsten’s What The F, about time!

Ferry Corsten has managed to evolve a career at the crest of the electronic music wave for over 20 years in no small part thanks to his innate desire to explore new creative ideas and techniques, whilst reinvent himself through a selection of diverse aliases; each of which reflects his yearning to delve deep into his multiple influences. Now fans will have the chance to experience the different expressions of Ferry’s musical soundscape all in one night with the announcement of his new What The F concept.

Through a series of exclusive open-til-close sets Ferry will showcase his extensive discography with a set comprising solely of his own material. Ferry has previously taken his Gouryella, and more recently System F, aliases to the biggest festivals in the world, including Dreamstate, EDC, Ultra and Tomorrowland, and now this never-before-seen show will bring together his various musical monikers under one roof for a night that will be music 100% produced and packaged by the award-winning electronic DJ/Producer pioneer.

“I’ve been producing music under many different aliases over the last 20 years, Ferry Corsten, Gouryella, System F, and many, many more. For a long time, I’ve had a vision of bringing all of these projects to the stage, all in one night, all in one massive show. And now It’s finally happening! To be able to play a proper open to close set with just your own music is like a dream come true. The classics, the new music, and the songs you never knew I made. A true full audio-visual experience. This will be a night to remember! This will be WHAT THE F.”

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