Above & Beyond officially reveal “Acoustic 3”

In 2014, iconic trio Above & Beyond made waves in the scene when they stepped out from behind the decks to rework many of their beloved originals for the first Acoustic album. Returning with Acoustic II that was met with just as much praise, the corresponding tour was one of the most sought after to attend. Now, those who have been waiting patiently for a fresh Acoustic album can rejoice as after plenty of teases over the past year, Above & Beyond have officially announced that Acoustic III is on its way.

While the tracklist is not yet out for the upcoming edition, if it’s anything like the past two we’re expecting some serious gems throughout as they reimagine their music. They’ve mentioned that this album is a subtle departure from the original two, with more upbeat qualities while still retaining the emotion throughout.

This can be heard in the first single off the album “Flying By Candlelight” with Marty Longstaff that was released along with the announcement. Additionally, we’ve been told that Acoustic III will feature completely new arrangements of some of the biggest hits from Common Ground, including “Northern Soul,” “My Own Hymn,” and “Happiness Amplified,” plus reinterpretations of 2019 club singles “There’s Only You” and “Waltz.”

via edmidentity.com

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