Giuseppe Ottaviani – Evolver (Artist Album)

‘The producer’s producer’, as he’s often referred, are really just words until you’ve empirically witnessed how Giuseppe Ottaviani does that thing he does. The divide that separates what the audience hears and how it came to be however has been one Giuseppe Ottaviani’s been chipping away at for time.

From audience-inspired idea-kernel to diamond-in-the-rough demo, before flaming into a fully realised floor-combustor is a typically extensive process. It’s also one that for reasons numerous is regularly hidden from end-user view. Giuseppe however sees such matters in a more progressive manner. Through ‘Evolver’ – his July-released fourth artist album, he’s sought to remove the producer/audience fourth wall down to its last brick.

To me bringing the audience into the music making equation makes a great deal of sense. Short of having the ability to make music in the first place, harnessed right, it can be the artist’s greatest asset. No one is going to give you clearer notes, better pointers or more honest feedback on your music than an audience member, working synchronously with a thousand others. And obviously, at the same time, they’re the ones you have to get it right for! – Giuseppe

This reciprocal reaction is something that Giuseppe’s been exploring for as long as his self-built G.O. Live 2.0 in-club set-up has allowed. ‘Evolver’ however is his massively expanded effort to successfully turn that dynamic into a fully realised 17-track album. So, broad strokes, here’s how ‘Evolver’s evolution works… The essence of each one of the album’s cuts was – in one way or another – born out of Ottaviani keyboard or hardware jamming at a show.

As a DJ reads the floor, if a musician’s melody strikes a chord, you can see it right away. Then, in real time, they can develop it – getting instantaneous feedback on their on-the-fly modulations. If it’s hitting, you bring it back and develop it at the next show, and the next and the next, until your confidence in it is absolute. Then it goes into the studio, you turn on the cameras and stream live as you roll that fabric out into a fully formed track. – Giuseppe

Make no mistake, this longplayer isn’t about dazzling you with studio science. It’s about a longstanding ambition to bring what happens in the production suite to a live, shared environment, whilst making the audience complicit in its mission for trance fission. Arriving on July 19th, grab your order from the link below.

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