ATB & Markus Schulz unleash ‘Heartbeat’

Like real friendship or true love, cold beers or decent coffee, dream jobs or summer vacation – some things in life really are worth the wait! Or when two of your favorite electronic music makers finally make their schedules click and rock up with a festival igniting floor-roar that’s somehow even better than you dared to imagine.

When the two managed to catch up in their home country at the end of last summer however, they finally got the job done after years of trying. The perfect production crush, their first studio collaboration drops today and behold, these titans of the dance scene are kicking the door to spring wide open!


During a recent trip to the German city of Bochum, Markus Schulz decided to pay a visit to his old friend ATB. What started out as a catch-up coffee turned into an impromptu studio session. 

It’s amazing to consider that this is the first time the guys have worked together as they immediately found themselves on the same wavelength. The complementary talents of both artists are clearly in evidence on Heartbeat.

Heartbeat’ is out today through Ruhrtone Records and is now available to stream/buy here:

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