Myon, Tales From Another World – Vol.01

For an artist like Myon, it was never about doing a mix compilation rather than it’s about time doing the mix compilation. The US-based DJ/Producer has been working for quite a while sizing up this beautifully formed mix compilation titles “Tales From Another World“.

I have always had a big dream to launch a mix compilation series that would make the same impact as the ones I listened to in my youth. From cassette mixes in the 90’s, to buying dance compilations in the 2000’s, there is no doubt this heavily influenced me growing up. I wanted to revive something that I felt was largely gone from dance music – to bring the ‘special’ back. That’s taken a lot of time to develop, but – happy to say – here we are!

 ‘Tales From Another World’ is his first in a series that will go to new, and indeed he believes the furthest lengths to concentrate the essence of its settled-upon city, country or continent. Myon’s .01 debut rests inside that latter parameter. South America was chosen for the first volume as two of Myon‘s all-time favourite compilations share that theme.

Myon’s started by either connecting or reconnecting with artists of interest from the area itself. Finding many open to the concept, this led to a swift intake of music and collaborations. Myon then went on the hunt for fresh-from-the-desks material that had notable Latin presence. With musical ethnicity from the continent forefront in his mind, Myon also retouched several current numbers to use exclusively as part of ‘Tales From Another World’s story. 

Myon didn’t overlook the opportunity to return to the crates and dig out some tracks from classic compilations past either. Further in the album also features a host of other music with perceptible shades and threads from the southern quarter.

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