Giuseppe Ottaviani – ALMA, New Artist Album.

As any Spanish native will tell you, ‘alma’ means ‘soul’. And it’s from that exact place that Giuseppe Ottaviani’s new studio album originates. Marking a departure in part from the high-octane, exclusively primetime sound with which he made his name, it sees him cast his soundnet wider… and markedly deeper.

With DJ Mag hinting at “a more multifarious album”, Dancing Astronaut stating that it “features personal pieces” and MIXMAG bestowing it with October Album of the Month honours, ‘ALMA’ looks set to go places few – if any – longplayers have stepped before.


Shedding more light on the origins of the album and its title, Giuseppe says: “ALMA is the most introspective album I’ve ever recorded. It comes from somewhere deep inside and draws on memories from my childhood – times when I was not listening to one, but many types of music. With its variety, ‘ALMA’ aims to bring the essence of a child’s spirit into my adult self – carrying the same enthusiasm and emotions as those I grew up. And so, as children are the future of this world, I dedicate this album to my own two. The title ‘ALMA’ is an amalgamation of the first two letters of ALessandro & MAtteo’s names.

The album features Paul van Dyk, Kyler England & Christian Burns, Sue McLaren, Eric Lumiere, Jennifer Rene, Tricia McTeague and many more. An album for those in need of music with more meaning, greater penetration and a longer lasting ‘listen-life’, the soul-filled ‘ALMA’ will satisfy this autumn… and for many a year to come.

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