The Virus & The Antidote


The Dutch duo Fisherman & Hawkins have set 2013 alight so far with their ‘Unofficial ASOT 600 Anthem – Apache’, but with the bar set so high there was understandably questions about how they could follow this up? The answer has come in the form of the mammoth Virus E.P.

The release consisting of the self-titled E.P. track ‘Virus’, which consistently appeared in Coldharbour Recordings label head Markus Schulz’s sets, during the summer festival season.

Virus is packed with a rolling bass-line that builds a head of steam, much in the same way a virus gathers momentum before taking full effect… although this a virus well worth catching.

Naturally anywhere there is a virus an ‘Antidote’ is required. Fisherman & Hawkins provide just that with Antidote on the lighter side of progtrance whilst still retaining their inimitable dark tech-trance twist.

This E.P. has truly answered all the doubters questions about whether Fisherman & Hawkins were a one hit wonder, as they deliver a hard-hitting double serving of tech-trance club destroyers!

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