J00F – Chapter 2: The Finding

In mightily unambiguous form, March saw John 00 Fleming’s end his two-year release sabbatical with ‘The Explorer’. Given its ‘Chapter 1’ prefix, at least something of what was to follow could be divined. With Mr. Fleming playing most of its cards chest-close though, the track’s arcane meaning still had a whole lotta unknown to it.

Whatever the first Chapter’s Explorer was on the hunt for though, seems he’s pinpointed it, as its next instalment, ‘The Finding’s ready to relate.

Again sporting bespoke hand-drawn, JOOF-commissioned artwork, its imagery says much about the reception the story’s Explorer received on arrival. It’s the centrally staged vocal however that provides the track’s most clear-cut of revelations.

Over nine-minutes, John wraps that disclosure in a dark-trance depth charge of a production, which pulses with super-low frequency bass, drum-scud & prowling FX. It amps its ether up further with metal-on-metal percussion & sculpted synths, and ones that rarely shy from the ominous. Here we enter the spoiler-free-zone as – come the midpoint – The Explorer himself unveils his purpose.

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