JOOF Editions Vol.5 – 8 hours of Progressive!

A decision was made to shake things up. Once that was done that change took on a life of its own – John.

The “itJOOF refers to is ‘Editions’ – his rule-adverse compilation series, which is currently on the touchline, warming up for its fifth outing. The most apparent modification is in the number of DJs mixing it, which has leapt – quadrupling from one to four.

Originally I was just going to bring in one other, but amazing co-mixing suggestions kept coming up. Those suggestions turned into options and, well, here we are! It has allowed for the album to become a far more focussed affair – John.

With run-times regularly pushing 5 hours, Vols. 1 thru 4 were nothing less than odysseys into the fantastic minutiae of progressive. Epic, deep sonic probes, endeavoring to explore every corner of an arguably limitless genre. Beatport all-genre chart toppers and agents of scene change (they played their part in unlocking ASOT door to Progressive last year) ‘JOOF Editions’ mixes became the new apotheosis in journeys by a DJ.

In 2019 however, ‘JOOF Editions’ is getting both smaller and larger. With the series’ door opened to a cadre of label friends and fellow defenders of the electronic music underground, joining him in 2019 are Gai Barone, Paul Thomas and Tim Penner.

To accommodate, John’s reined in the legendarily expansive limits of his own mix. However, the release’s overall musical length has almost doubled in size again. Each of the handpicked DJs had up to two-hours with which to make the case for their own particular tract of progressive.

It’s very much the best of all worlds. It’s allowed me to become even more focused on a couple of bandwidths, while my co-mixers travel their own lanes, broadening the release as a whole – John.

The compilation is set to release next month and it’s already available to pre-order via the button below or the hyperlink.

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