This was GAIA at Paradiso – ADE ’18

To say that the Gaia show at Paradiso was phenomenal would be an understatement. Where do we begin? Is it the venue? The crowd, the atmosphere or the visuals? No no… Should be the music, right? Well, to do it justice, this whole combination of stellar elements was enough to deliver one of the most stunning and iconic events of 2018’s Amsterdam Dance Event.

From the moment you walk in the venue, you could feel the caliginous atmosphere as if you were transported into some sort of a space Nebula and the smoke diffusion for the visuals excelled at creating a kind of murkiness.

The sold-out show was packed with true, die-hard Gaia fans who eagerly held their breath waiting for the performance from the day the show was announced. You could instantly feel the energy, passion and love between the people which helped in creating an even more genuine bond.

Gaia takes the stage with an all-live performance, and WOW! Simply mind-blowing .. Words cannot express how good the music was! It was wonderful, stunning, marvellous, surprising and unbelievable; We feel incredibly fortuitous to have witnessed this show. The music was pure, dark and full of energy. It was deep. It was underground. It was pure. All our favourite Gaia tracks were played in a new refreshing twist as well as some upcoming Gaia tunes, we presume, which to be honest, we cannot wait for their reveal.

At the end of the day, we can undoubtedly pick this Gaia show as our top ADE 2018 highlight! Stay connected with Gaia and make sure to join any of its upcoming shows.

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