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Ben Gold – Twilight EP
Culminating to fresh original ‘Twilight’ and an insane Exis Remix of ‘Pilot’, Ben Gold’s ‘Twilight EP’ is where his music makes a darker turn. From the gloom in old-school Trancer ‘Twilight’ to the ferociousness of Exis’ rendition of ‘Pilot’, this EP tolerates only the light of laser beams. Get ready for some all-out fist-pumping.

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Estiva – Oxy / Doorlopen
Ever making the hearts of Statement! fans grow fonder, super producer Estiva makes his return to the label with another hyper-delicious Progressive Trance two-pack. Turning heads with their steady-paced build-ups, airy synths and drop-dead gorgeous melodies, ‘Oxy’ and ‘Doorlopen’ are two extremely fine examples of the Dutchman’s production prowess.

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Orjan Nilsen – Hi There Radio
A phenomenal record fully deserving of its feature on ‘A State Of Trance Ibiza 2017’, ‘Hi There Radio’ is the epitome of Ørjan Nilsen’s melodic prowess. Laced with heavenly pads and rich arpeggios, this cut is as light-hearted as it is jaw-dropping. Ørjan Nilsen has done it again.

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