Alexander Popov presents Interplay 2017

2017 has already shaped up to be quite the year for Alexander Popov. The Russian DJ and studio magician launched his own label, churned out some of his most monumental records to date and now drops the third installment of his acclaimed mix compilation series to complete his ‘Interplay’ hat-trick.

Filled out with exclusive records and insane originals and remixes from the likes of Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic, A.R.D.I., David Gravell, LTN, Tenishia and of course Alexander Popov himself, ‘Interplay 2017’ is set to be a staple in the Trance scene for years to come, juggling uplifting melodies with bustling beats and atmospheres that cause jaws to drop. It’s a mix compilation that will serve as a testament to all that the Trance movement encompasses and all that Alexander Popov continues to bring to the table.

‘Interplay 2017’ is more than just twenty-one songs poured in a cauldron and mixed to perfection. It’s the third refinement of a formula that keeps on driving fans mad.

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