Solarstone Presents .—- (Artist Album)

You’ve seen the signs lately, read them well and decoded them accurately. Those instincts will serve you better than you know as Solarstone’s fifth album project gears up. It’s been five years since the trance maven last released a studio album. It’s fair to say though that his hands have been plenty busy meantime. Let’s not forget though the launching of two record labels, countless releases, 60+ Pure Trance events & more.

‘.—-’ is a code, Morse to be exact – Richard’s subtly minimalist encouragement to fans to scratch beneath the surface of what they’re seeing & hearing. Too much time and too many deeds have passed to make ‘.—-’ a natural successor to ‘Pure’. It is its natural progression though – a new module to ‘Pure Trance’s short, yet richly storied history. A capsule release containing a tonal sub-set of creations, it’s eclectic where it needs to be, audibly esoteric throughout, whilst still being Solarstone to its pop-art core.

Top and toe of its tracklist, you’ll find instrumental elegance, vocal eminence and inspired team-ups with Meredith Call, Orkidea & more. One thing of which you should be in of no two minds about however is all you see here today is not quite what it seems. The beginning, certainly… But far from the end.

Released 14/04/17 – pre-order/purchase ‘.—-‘ here:

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