Solarstone – A State Of Mind

In times where the urge to re-join the Trance Scene from the ones who left is increasing, the least thing we can do is giving credit to one of Trance’s patrons, who stayed and saw its ‘renaissance’ 5 years ago and via his Pure Trance revolution, Solarstone helped turn prophecy into reality.

What then does Solarstone do for an encore? Well, it begins with this piece of music. ‘A State Of Mind’ is the first of many interrelated moves which Solarstone will be making in the next year with one sole purpose in mind: building on Pure Trance and further defending the genre. The track is full of adrenaline, velocity and altitude enough to cut effortlessly to your heart.

Worry not #TranceFamily, with Solarstone and Pure Trance, the future never looked so bright for Trance.

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