ARTY, Sander Van Doorn and W&W make return to Trance

2016 was a big year when some of the biggest Trance projects were revived from which we can name “Oceanlab” and “Gouryella“, however, things are about to change in 2017.

Many of the artists who drifted away from Trance are announcing their return with their side projects. Starting with Arty, one of the most talented producers in the Electronic Music scene, on the 3rd of February he announced the return of his side project “Alpha 9” mentioning that “I’m taking Arty music further towards the dance scene, while Alpha 9 will be a progressive/trance oriented project, this applies to branding, releases and live sets.

Here’s one of Arty‘s Alpha 9 previous releases.

Carrying on with the list, in January, Sander van Doorn announced P.Haze Part 1 & P.Haze Part 2 ahead of his ISTORIA performance in Australia. Sander van Doorn will not change his namesake project, but he does plan on touring with his new trance project.

Although Sander van Doorn says P.Haze is different than his previous project Purple Haze, we’ll leave you to this beautiful classic.

To finalize this list, one can never forget the quality Tech Trance W&W used to deliver. Couple of years ago during an A State Of Trance episode, Armin van Buuren said “If I want to invest on anyone in the Trance Scene, it will definitely be W&W“. These guys showed excellent skills and beautifully produced tracks full of energy & melody and their drift from Trance struck the whole Trance Scene.

But fear not, W&W revealed on the 10th of February after Ultra Music Festival‘s lineup announcement a new side project the Trance heads will love. Many took the guess that NWYR is the new project since the W & Y hold a figure of 2 W’s, however, we’ll have to wait an official revelation to find out.


With that, we leave you to one of W&W‘s biggest Trance hits, the ASOT550 Anthem.

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