Trance Nation Mixed by Markus Schulz

After last year’s massive Trance Nation mixed by Simon Patterson, this year, Markus Schulz is taking over the latest release of the legendary Ministry of Sound compilation.

Markus is known for his smashing and thrill-packed sets, so it’s no surprise this year it’s his turn to mix this double CD. As every year, each DJ features many tracks and exclusives on the compilation and this year, to meet those expectations, Markus has kicked out all the stops. The compilation features many exclusives, never-heard-before and up-&-coming tracks. Out of the 36 tracks, 15 are exclusives, yes, 15 exclusives. Amazing eh?!

Amongst their number you’ll find Markus’ dazzling remix of ‘Déjà Vu’ from Giorgio Moroder & Sia, ‘Twilight of the Night’ – a heralding return for his Dakota alias and an all-new version of pre-summer touchdown ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. Recent floor-wowers from Ferry Corsten, Chicane, Rank 1 & M.I.K.E. Push, Solarstone, Tritonal, and Judge Jules are all mixed into the discs. To further whet your appetite, there’s also a full spread of productions from Markus’ Coldharbour kings, with music from Mr. Pit vs. Fisherman & Hawkins, Nifra, Rex Mundi, Klauss Goulart and others.


On mixing his Trance Nation, Markus said: “From resident on Coldharbour Lane to international resident at Ministry of Sound, the club and the city of London have played a pivotal role in my career development. I am privileged to be able to connect with so many amazing people globally through our love of melodies and trance, and having the opportunity to join the cast list of names associated with a heralded series such as Trance Nation is a huge honour. The compilation is a snapshot of the residency nights, with some of the most important compositions from past, present and future; and hopefully will encourage more of you to travel and contribute towards creating new memories together in the coming years”.

‘Trance Nation Mixed By Markus Schulz’ Tracklist

Disc 1

  1. Marscela – Time Plex
  2. Chicane – Fibreglasses
  3. Gai Barone – Un-Theme
  4. Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Twilight of the Night
  5. Sergey Shabanov – Whirlpool (Crystal Design Reface)
  6. Judge Jules – Turn On the Lights
  7. Giorgio Moroder featuring Sia – Deja Vu (Markus Schulz Remix)
  8. Rank 1 vs. M.I.K.E. Push – Juno
  9. Rex Mundi – Radiance
  10. Markus Schulz – Daybreak (Boom)
  11. Nifra featuring Seri – Army of Lights
  12. Tritonal – Gamma Gamma (Ferry Corsten Fix)
  13. Mr. Pit vs. Fisherman & Hawkins – Doppelbanger
  14. Klauss Goulart – Bashert (We’ll Meet Again)
  15. Tenishia featuring Adina Butar – Don’t Let Go
  16. Dimension – Moments
  17. Solarstone – Solarcoaster (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Remix)
  18. Markus Schulz featuring Delacey – Destiny


Disc 2

  1. Markus Schulz & Vassy – Tomorrow Never Dies (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Intro Mix)
  2. Genesis – Supernova
  3. Ron Alperin – Knockout
  4. Arkham Knights – Knightfall
  5. Danilo Ercole – Format
  6. Dan Thompson & Ron Alperin – The Punisher
  7. Jes – Two Souls (Fisherman & Hawkins Remix)
  8. Dimension – Cima
  9. Markus Schulz – Lost in the Box (London)
  10. Dawn – The Truth We Can’t Escape
  11. Elevation vs. Grube & Hovsepian – City of Angels (Purple Stories Remix)
  12. Markus Schulz – Remember This
  13. Solis & Sean Truby vs. Harry Square – Concrete Jungle
  14. Dave Neven – Drifter
  15. Gouryella – Anahera
  16. Artisan – Worlds Apart
  17. New World Punx featuring Cara Salimando – Memories (Markus Schulz Remix)
  18. Markus Schulz – Avalon (Los Angeles) (Trance Nation Outro Mix) 


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