Roger Shah – Magic Island Vol.6 Album Review

Magic Island – Music for Balearic People, Vol. 6 – by Roger Shah
German DJ and producer Roger Shah summons up Trance Gods in the best of their moods with his special two-disc set. Magic Island, Vol. 6: Music for Balearic People features 34 tracks of propulsive Trance rhythms – such beautiful Morning as well as Evening tunes.

It’s been 7 years and this being the 6th installment of “Magic Island” and the expectations have been set high every time. The sixth Magic Island volume includes music from a host of like-minds, inc. Brian Laruso, Kim Svard, Pedro Del Mar, Ralph Fritsch, Ronny K. Dirkee Coetzee and others. It also supplies new audio from many of Roger’s production aliases and co-pro-ing groups: Sunlounger, Black Pearl and Global Experience among them.


This volume has the widest sound range yet, starting at 120 bpm with Deep House and ending very uplifting around 138 bpm. This edition brings with it 2 hours, 40 minutes of up & downtempo grooves, studio-fresh tracks and mixes. It shall take you all into the world of Baleric People you’ve always wanted to be a part of. Music so nicely thought about that it can be played at Pool, Beach, Clubs, Lounges – setting up the mood right at almost every place.

1st Disc starts off with much Deeper vibes, fine summer tunes as they help you set up a fine evening. Roger gets his alter ego for “SUNKISSED” & “MERINA PEOPLE” and as the sun starts to kiss the Horizon it definitely is the time to sip up “PINA COLADA” and drift into “OCEAN DREAMS”. 2nd Disc doesn’t waste any time and gets you in the Club mood startight away. Tunes like “BELLAGIO”, “SHADES OF SUNSET”, “MONOLOG” will get your feet tapping on the dance floor. As it inches towards the end, it gets uplifting enough for you to connect to heaven!

We recommend you grab yourself a copy of this splendid Album. Time for you to sit back, relax on the Beach or in your Bedroom and turn up the volume knob.
We’d Rate this Album: 8.5/10

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