Orkidea: Harmonia Album Review – Exotic Masterpiece

A DJ, composer and producer Tapio ‘Orkidea’ Hakanen who doesn’t forget the basics behind the music he produces. Keeping the basics intact, he works through perfection just every time.

‘Harmonia’ is just the fourth in Orkidea’s album line throughout his journey of electronic music creation. He, despite not being one of the Super acclaimed DJs, still enjoys all reserved privileges. He’s such a down to earth individual who enjoys what he does to the fullest and believes in taking it one day at a time.


His past releases (albums) ‘Taika’ – 2003, ‘Metaverse’ – 2008, ’20’ in 2011 & current one are a proof that his work is well researched and well versed as far as technicalities about Trance as a Genre are concerned. Not to mention about the various productions influence that filters through this man.

Orkidea has intensely channeled all 14 tunes into ‘Harmonia’ which are themselves so diverse yet hold you together. Included are some Top Beatport Charting tunes – Progressively Trancy tunes – Synthesized perfections like ‘PURITY‘, ‘REVOLUTION INDUSTRIELLE‘ & ‘SLOWMOTION III’. It features collaborative works with Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Activa, Lowland & others.


On his latest release, Orkidea said: “I’ve channeled over 20 years of DJ & production history into this album. It feels like a natural continuation after ‘Taika’, ‘Metaverse’ and ‘20’, but at the same time takes my sound to a new level. It’s the most dynamic and varied record I’ve done, yet at the same time the most cohesive crystallization of my musical expression. And I believe it offers something unique for the progressive & trance genres with its retrofuturistic sound.”

Opening with ‘MY SUNSET’, it transforms its ambience into a deeply galactic, prog-oriented number. ‘DREAMER OF DREAMS’ follows it with ‘Harmonia’s first vocal number. Each tune symbolizes its own significance and the legacy it carries in the Trance as well as Electronic Music world space. He further builds it up with deeper and more groovy styles of driving, a sense of Anjunadeep just can not be missed.

Followed by ‘STRANGE WORLD’, ‘REVOLUTION INDUSTRIELLE’, ‘SLOWMOTION III’ & a couple of other well inspired tunes ‘Harmonia’ was scored a red-hot by couple of mags. With Pure Trance towards its end ‘NORTH STAR’with Giuseppe Ottaviani turning it into the 140 BPM regions. Psy-Trance elements seize the center-ground, as Orkidea & Activa fashion ‘Z21’. A total guarantee that upper atmosphere will be felt by everyone who listens to this exotic album.

We rate this splendid album a whooping 9/10 and we recommend you grab yourself a copy.

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