Trance Nation Mixed by Simon Patterson – Review

Simon or as we all call him PSYmon is as extravagant DJ/Producer as it can get! Taking the baton from Aly & Fila, Mr. Simon Patterson has taken this Trance Nation compilation to next level!


This Album consists of 36 brilliant Progressive, Deep House, Trance, Tech Trance & Psy Trance tunes from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Alex Di Stefano, Paul Oakenfold, Arjonas, Sean Tyas, Astrix, Magnus, Angry Man, Harmomic Rush & couple of exclusives from the man himself – Simon, that will take you on an incredible 2+ hour journey. Simon covered every genre possible without disturbing the purpose of this CD Compilation! You’ll find all the Sub Trance genre stuff in these 2 hours that will blow your mind off.

A person of PSYmon’s caliber know how to do it just perfectly. He has so brilliantly put the music in both the CDs in such a way that there’s an exponential satisfaction to the listener’s ears as the time progresses. Every tune selected for this compilation is huge in its own way & together they make is compilation a definite ear-worm for all.

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Popular for his #Uppers, Simon starts CD 1 with super Deep House stuff from Kyfu (FUTURE PAST), kick into Techno with James Harcourt and eventually leans into couple of  Progressive tunes to get the mood really going – ONCE MORE, BEYOND, SYMBOLS are some of the tunes that will get you moving. Then he translates beautifully into the Trance tunes with Jamie Walker’s ROJO to be followed by some stellar productions from Alex Di Stefano, Future Disciple, Paul Oakenfold, Tempo Giusto, Sean Tyas.

CD 2 is more Powerful and Dark as we have all the Psy tunes on this one. It kicks with a Psychedelic banger “WRONG THEORY” by Gaudium. You’ll get vocal treat on the way by Bo Bruce, Runa before we get further Darker with Astrix and Magnus. The escape plan has already been devised with some majestic Trance tunes that follow and couple of Simon Patterson exclusives towards the end including the one for which he has borrowed vocals from Matt Adey “TIME STOOD STILL”. A truly exhilarating experience.

Overall this new Trance Nation compilation will surely break all records & is a perfect blend of all Sub-Trance genres. You want it to simply never end! It will 100% turn your home into a Dance floor! And you’ll get unimaginable HIGH – It’s all about the #Uppers 🙂

Grab yourself a Copy ASAP. You definitely DON’T want to miss out on this one. We’d Rate this Album: 9.5/10

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