Julie Thompson – Eye Of The Storm, Album Review

Julie Thompson’s second artist album is called EYE OF THE STORM out on Magik Muzik. Her first album was called ‘FEELING FOR CORNERS’ and was released in 2009. Eye of the Storm has 4 Trance tracks. The tracks are pure Julie’s vocal trance melodies. The tunes are really great and as a whole it is worth listening to in one sitting. It has fine balance of Vocals &  Music!

1.  Julie ThompsonNEW DAY: This one of the fine tracks of the album. A nice morning track! It feels so so energetic with the uprising build up & the beats finally dropping complementing the vocals.

2.  Julie ThompsonWE ARE STARS: Another vocal beauty but the tracks starts a bit slowly unlike expected. A gradual follow through of beats. The bass line is mediocre which could have been a little uprising. Feels like an untiring endless journey and the Tune will not disappoint you.

3.  Julie ThompsonYOUR SECRET’s SAFE (with Super8 & Tab): Kicks off with that powerful vibe as the Bass fills up your room – The typical Super8 & Tab hint in this  track. Julie’s has deeper vocals on this one justifying the title of this track. My personal favorite. It’ll make you hear it again and again.

4.  Julie ThompsonSKIN & BONES (with Andy Duguid): A Great Progressive tune! You’d instantly love the vibes. The piano during the breakdown is just real good – Slow & sweet. The build up and the beat drop is so convincing.

We’d like to conclude that the Album is a great work by Julie Thompson and the way she’s managed to even out the music will just hit the right spots.
Our overall rating would be 7.5/10.

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