Solarstone presents “Pure Trance V3” – Review, a Solid 10!


It’s that time of the year again, and October marked the release of the highly anticipated “Pure Trance 3” mixed by Solarstone & Bryan Kearney as this year’s guest.

We were lucky to have a copy of this gorgeous compilation and we can definitely and without any single doubt call it “Compilation of the year”. This is one of the best compilations’ we’ve heard in a while. It got all the elements you need in Trance; this compilation embodies a selection of Quality tracks mixed and handled carefully by Solarstone & Kearney.


To begin with the first CD mixed by Solarstone, what can we say? Solarstone, Hats Off. You’re a Legend!! The first CD is THE definition of Trance. Melodies, Emotions, Euphoria .. all present! The compilation stars with a magical retouch from Solarstone to Liam Wilson’s Set in Stone and it goes on a magical journey through the tunes of Orkidea, The Thrillseekers, Dan Stone, Alex MORPH, Driftmoon, Adam Ellis & many more.

Solarstone says: The year since Vol. 2 has been a fabulous twelve months not just for the Pure Trance movement, but for the Trance scene on the whole. Bryan and I have dug deep into the record boxes and demo banks, searching for those glimmers & sparks of musical inspiration from both established and previously unknown artists, to bring you an emotive ride through the many shades of the Pure Trance sound.If you have attended any of our Pure Trance events, you will understand exactly the journey upon which this album will take you. If you have not yet had that pleasure, simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and immerse yourself in this tapestry of melodies, grooves & emotions”.


Bryan Kearney on the other hand did a marvelous job, an amazing selection of Energetic tracks brilliantly mixed. Bryan’s amazing work & his Kearnage imprint propelled him to the front scene, and ever since he’s doing a great job. His CD kicks off really dark & goes on an Epic journey with tunes from Alex Di Stefano, Aly&Fila, JOC, Arctic Moon & many more finishing with a climax of Adam Ellis’ remix of Fred Baker’s Rebirth & Kearney’s own remix for Plumb’s Need To Know.

Bryan says: “My mix is a representation of what I consider trance to be, versatile, energetic with power and passion. You will get a glimpse of the future of my own label Kearnage with nine tracks produced especially for this album. I have to once again say thank you to all the producers for providing me with such high quality music. It made the process of compiling this mix so much easier”.

So all in all, this is a massive compilation, defining Trance & bringing Quality Trance to the forefront of the scene. All we can say, Rich & Bryan, Hats Off .. This Compilation deserves a SOLID 10/10.

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